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Nuestra nueva sección de noticias la cual se actualizará por semana con las notas más relevantes del medio aeronáutico local, nacional e internacional, directo de las fuentes, algunas se  difunden en inglés y otras en español.

BRS Aerospace Selects GORMAN360 to Promote

Whole Aircraft Parachutes for Cessna 172/182s

South Saint Paul, Minn., Sept. 5, 2017 - BRS Aerospace, maker of the only FAA/EASA certified aircraft parachute systems for Cessna 172/182s, has engaged Gorman360 as its advertising agency of record. GORMAN360, based in Detroit, Mich., will launch a promotional campaign to increase the visibility of BRS' safety system with Cessna 172/182 owners and operators utilizing social media, direct mail, web presence and aviation trade publications.


"We were searching for an agency to promote our parachute recovery system to owner /  BRS System Installed in C-182. operators of Cessna Skylane 182s and Cessna 172s and Jim Gorman at GORMAN360 is the perfect fit for our company," said Enrique Dillon, President of BRS Aerospace. "Jim's creative background and his personal passion for aviation and safety were just what we were looking for to reach Cessna 172/182 owners and operators to let them know our system is approved for that large fleet."


"BRS Aerospace pioneered the whole aircraft parachute system concept and the proof is 374 lives saved with the system," said Jim Gorman of GORMAN360. "Hopefully, someday, whole aircraft parachutes for personal use planes will be as ubiquitous as seatbelts and airbags for cars, helmets for motorcycles, and safety glasses for our eyes."


BRS Aerospace is the world leader in whole aircraft parachute systems with more than 35,000 delivered to aviation segments including Light Sport Aircraft, experimentals, ultralights, unmanned vehicles, military aircraft and FAA/EASA Type Certified general aviation, including the most popular piston-powered aircraft. The system has been successfully deployed multiple times and the company has documented 374 lives saved as a result of its safety device.


BRS Aerospace's whole aircraft parachute system design calls for a parachute ballistic launcher to be installed in the aircraft with either a pilot-initiated activator located in the cockpit or an automated activation system. Upon activation, a ballistic rocket propels a parachute into the airstream to slow the airplane and float it down into a survivable vertical landing


The system is designed to be a last resort for pilots and passengers when all other attempts to recover the airplane in case of emergency or pilot incapacitation have failed. BRS Aerospace was founded in 1980 in South St. Paul, Minn. It has manufacturing facilities at the South St. Paul Municipal Airport and in Pine Bluff, N.C.


For more information go to www.brsaerospace.com.




The Daher-sponsored Morane-Saulnier Type L aeroplane replica “lands” in the EAA Aviation Museum’s collection

In a donation honoring 100 years of the French-American aviation relationship, a full-sized Morane-Saulnier Type L “Parasol” aeroplane replica will join the prestigious Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) Aviation Museum collection in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


This hand-crafted reproduction of the World War I-era Parasol – an ancestor of Daher’s TBM very fast turboprop aircraft family – was brought by Daher to the U.S. for an appearance at July’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh fly-in. While the Type L originally was planned for a return to France, it was decided to honor the EAA’s request that the replica be permanently exhibited at the EAA Aviation Museum. It is to be situated near the facility’s entrance, between the historic reproductions of the Wright brothers’ Wright Flyer and Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis.


The six-year construction effort for the Type L Parasol replica was managed by the Association Héritage Avions Morane-Saulnier, whose volunteers – both retired and current workers of Daher and predecessor companies (including some Morane-Saulnier veterans in their mid-80s) – contributed their skills, energy and passion. Daher supported the Type L replica project from the start, providing workspace, tooling and expertise.


As a result of the donation, Daher has offered to sponsor the construction of a second flightworthy Type L replica, which will be produced and based in France.


“Our team of dedicated volunteers are extremely proud to have the Parasol included in the EAA Aviation Museum, which is recognized worldwide for the quality and range of its collection,” commented Daniel Bacou, President of the Association Héritage Avions Morane-Saulnier. “Of course, it was difficult to part ways with the aircraft after six years of hard work, but we thank Daher for the very generous offer that enables us to embark on a new exciting project for the second reproduction.”


Bob Campbell, Director of the EAA Aviation Museum, noted the Parasol was an extremely important aircraft for the Allied powers of World War I, and represents an important symbol of the friendship between France and the United States during the war. “We are most honored and proud to accept this replica in the same spirit shared between our two great nations during that conflict,” he added.



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MEDIA RELEASE 28.08.2017

The End of an Era: Pilatus Discontinues Production of the Legendary Pilatus Porter PC-6


It brought fame to the Pilatus name worldwide – the Pilatus Porter PC-6. This multi-role aircraft has been produced at Stans without interruption since 1959, currently in small numbers, i.e. ten machines per year at most. The PC-6 is one of the world's longest-running production stories in the aviation industry. That will come to an end in early 2019 when production will be ceased. Support will be provided to existing customers for the next 20 years at least, thereby ensuring reliable ongoing PC-6 operations.


Pilatus has produced a total of 500 PC-6s in Stans since 1959. Slightly fewer than 100 machines were additionally produced in the USA under licence. The PC-6 delivered an international breakthrough for Pilatus: its short takeoff and landing capabilities and general versatility earned it worldwide fame and a reputation as a robust “all-rounder”. Amongst its many achievements, the Pilatus Porter has flown several cargo and passenger trips at maximum useful load to an altitude of 5700 metres above sea level – a world record that has not been bettered even to this day!


Adjustment to our product portfolio


The Pilatus name stands for “high tech” and latest generation aircraft. In line with this philosophy, our products benefit from ongoing development to ensure they match the most recent standards. Due to the age of the PC-6 and other certification parameters, it is no longer possible to provide this ongoing development in the scope we would wish.


Also in connection with our PC-24 Super Versatile Jet, for which series production is currently gearing up in Stans, and which requires our full attention, we have decided that the PC-6 no longer fits our product portfolio, and that, after 60 years, it is now time to cease production. Employees previously engaged on the PC-6 production line will be assigned to assembly work on our other aircraft types.


Oscar J. Schwenk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pilatus, comments:


“I am proud that the PC-6 featured in the Pilatus product portfolio, this aircraft has earned us fame and recognition worldwide. But the time has now come to take a dispassionate look at the facts and admit that every product has a life cycle which must come to an end sooner or later. That moment has arrived for the PC-6. With an eye on the future, however, we now look forward to the imminent market launch of the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet, which embodies, and carries forward, all the original values of the PC-6.”


Last opportunity to order


Pilatus will accept orders for the PC-6 latest until mid of 2018. The number of aircraft available is limited. Existing customers may depend on at least 20 years of support and spare parts for the PC-6, ensuring reliable continuing operations well into the future, in line with the Pilatus motto, “Customer First”.


Bonos del Fideicomiso del Aeropuerto de la Ciudad de México han recibido una clasificación de E1/77
en la Evaluación Verde de S&P Global Ratings



Los tramos planeados de bonos senior garantizados que el Fideicomiso del Aeropuerto de la Ciudad de México tiene la intención de emitir a 2020 recibieron la clasificación de E1/77 de la Evaluación Verde de S&P Global, lo que representa la clasificación más fuerte en la escala de E1 (el más alto) a E4 (el más bajo).


S&P Global Ratings espera que el monto de los bonos se incremente paulatinamente hasta alcanzar de US$6 miles de millones durante los siguientes dos a tres años, con al menos tres series emitidas hasta 2020. Este análisis toma en consideración el monto total del financiamiento captado por el fideicomiso dentro de la fase de construcción.


Todos los recursos financiarán parcialmente la construcción del Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México (NAICM). El objetivo final de sustentabilidad ambiental es convertirse en la primera terminal aérea en el mundo en obtener la certificación LEED platinum y ser uno de los pocos en la industria con una huella de carbono neutra.


Con ese propósito, la Evaluación Verde proporciona un análisis comprensivo de los ingresos por sector (US$2.1 millón por Energía Verde, US$5.601,90 millón por Construcción Ecológica) y subraya la favorabilidad del impacto positivo en ahorros de energía y emisiones además de la infraestructura de gobierno fuerte y los mecanismos del reportaje de transparencia.


Encontrará adjunto en este correo electrónico el informe entero, pero el enlace está aquí para leerlo en línea.


Si tiene usted alguna pregunta, si tiene interés en un artículo de opinión de Candela Macchi (la analista de S&P Global en cargo de esta Evaluación Verde) o si quiere hablar directamente con Candela por favor no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo.


Saludos cordiales,


Contacto:  Ronak Anand

Account Executive

Moorgate Communications

13 Artillery Lane

London E1 7LP

T: +44 (0)20 7539 3564


Nuevas características para Model S y Model X

Model S y Model X son los autos más rápidos y seguros de su categoría y ahora incluyen nuevas características estándar sin costo adicional. La suspensión neumática inteligente aumenta la facilidad de manejo, la eficiencia y la comodidad durante el viaje con ajustes automáticos a la altura del vehículo con base en la ubicación. Además, los nuevos vehículos Model S y Model X de 75 kWh recibieron una actualización inalámbrica de software que mejoró su desempeño: el tiempo para acelerar de 0 a 100 km/h se redujo un segundo.

También ofrecemos nuevos interiores color crema.

Model X ahora está disponible en una nueva configuración de siete asientos, con dos filas posteriores de asientos que se pliegan para ofrecer el mayor espacio de carga posible.


Solicita tu prueba de Manejo Haciendo Click Aqui



NBAA Recognizes Members for Safe Operations

Contact: Dan Hubbard, 202-783-9360, dhubbard@nbaa.org


Washington, DC, Aug. 18, 2017 – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today announced its 2016 Flying Safety Award recipients. In total, 1,311 companies and individuals were recognized for 13,534,905 hours of accident/incident free operations in 2016. Nine member companies were honored for 50-years of safe operations, and one member company was recognized for 60 years of accident-free operations.


These awards serve as a testimony to the high degree of professionalism and safety culture within participating companies.


“For more than 60 years, the NBAA Flying Safety Awards have recognized member companies for their exceptional records of accident-free operations,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “By following safety best practices and achieving accident-free operations, these member companies have proven to be exemplary safety standard-bearers for business aviation.”


Award recipients will be recognized during a luncheon at NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), Oct. 10-12 in Las Vegas, NV.


The following companies were recognized:


50-Year Safe Flying Achievement Award recipients:


  • Altria Client Services LLC
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.
  • Dunavant Enterprises, Inc.
  • Georgia Crown Distributing Co.
  • JCPenney Co., Inc.
  • Masco Corp.
  • Texas Instruments, Inc.
  • Tulip City Air Service, Inc.
  • VF Corporation Aviation

    60-Year Safe Flying Achievement Award recipient:


         Vulcan Materials Company

 In addition to the 50- and 60-year milestones, NBAA recognized members in the following categories:


  • Corporate Business Flying Safety Award – 204 companies compiling 9,468,939 hours of safe operations
  • Commercial Business Flying Safety Award – 29 companies compiling 1,246,669 hours of safe operations
  • Aviation Maintenance Department Award – 92 companies qualified
  • ATP or Commercial Pilot Award –  403 pilots compiling 2,819,297 hours of safe flying
  • Maintenance/Avionics Technician Award – 215 technicians qualified
  • Scheduler & Licensed Dispatcher Award – 114 schedulers/licensed dispatchers qualified
  • Support Services Award – 254 support personnel qualified

The Flying Safety Awards program was launched in 1953 by the NBAA board of directors to promote a culture of safety in business aviation operations. The association is committed to making business aviation as safe as possible and encourages all members to participate in the awards program to enhance safe operations and gain recognition for their outstanding performance. Learn more about the NBAA Flying Safety Awards.


Additionally, the NBAA Safety Committee offers many resources to promote and support a culture of safety in business aviation operations, including, materials, guidance on matters relating to safe operations, safety management system resources, and national and regional safety events. Learn more about NBAA’s Top Safety Focus Areas.


Strong July Bolsters Business Aviation Traffic Figures in Europe


Brussels, 16 August 2017:

European business aviation traffic figures continued to climb in July, with 5.7% growth compared to a year earlier, and furthering a positive trend that began in late 2016.


“We are pleased to report that business aviation movements in Europe in July once again demonstrated robust year-on-year growth, continuing the sector’s uninterrupted rise in traffic figures for the ninth month running,” says Brandon Mitchener, EBAA CEO, citing data provided by Eurocontrol. “This is the strongest growth in 10 years for the month of July,” he adds.


The Eurocontrol traffic figures cover departures, arrivals, internals and overflights (DAIO) in the Single European Sky area.


See the July 2017 Business Aviation Traffic Tracker Europe.

August 14, 2017

Bombardier Delivers its First Learjet 75 Aircraft to a Brazilian Customer

- The class-defining Learjet 75 aircraft continues to set the standard by bringing large jet features to a light jet platform


- Learjet 75 is the only business jet in its class to feature an eight-seat double-club configuration and a flat floor throughout the cabin for a smooth ride and the ultimate in comfort


- Recently celebrated the delivery of the 3,000th Learjet aircraft


MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Aug. 14, 2017) -



Bombardier Business Aircraft announced today that it delivered its first Learjet 75 aircraft to a Brazilian customer. The aircraft joins Bombardier's business jet fleet of 685 Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft in Latin America.


"Learjet aircraft are iconic, rooted in deep pride and based on a history of ingenuity. We are proud a Brazilian customer selected the Learjet 75 for its class-leading performance, smooth ride and most private and quiet cabin," said Stephane Leroy, Vice President, Sales, Latin America, Bombardier Business Aircraft. "The Learjet 75 aircraft is the only business jet in its class to feature a pocket door for reduced noise levels."


Latin America is the third largest market for business aviation deliveries, with Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela making up over 80 per cent of the regional fleet. With over 510 Learjet aircraft in Latin America, Learjet customers can enjoy the quietest and most private cabin in the category.


Bombardier introduced a new level of passenger comfort in the Light jet category in 2016 with the introduction of a Learjet 75 aircraft featuring an innovative pocket door design. The pocket door divides the cabin from the entry area and reduces noise levels inside the cabin by up to eight decibels*, while creating a distinct private living space for passengers.


Standing the test of time, the Learjet 75 aircraft continues to set the standard by bringing large jet features to the most trusted light jet platform. In June 2017, Bombardier Business Aircraft celebrated a historic milestone in business aviation - the delivery of the 3,000th Bombardier Learjet business jet manufactured. The aircraft was also the 100th Learjet 75 jet to be delivered.


Learjet 75 aircraft


Defining private jet travel as we know it, the Learjet 75 aircraft is a no compromise aircraft, meticulously engineered and performance driven. Designed with the pilot's comfort in mind, the Bombardier Vision flight deck features a synthetic vision system, enhanced ergonomics, and touch screen controls for productive missions. The Learjet 75 aircraft's powerful engines and new winglet design enable it to cruise at a speed of Mach 0.81* and climb to an impressive operating ceiling of 51,000 feet (15,545 m).*


The Learjet 75 aircraft's modern interior was designed for style and comfort and features a new cabin management system with individual touchscreen monitors and full audio and video control, LED lighting throughout the aircraft, and a generous baggage suite.



Comment from EAA Chairman Jack Pelton:


“What an incredible year it was at Oshkosh. From the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Apollo reunion, to new aviation innovations on display and two B-29s flying formation as part of 75 years of bombers on parade, it was a week filled with “OnIy at Oshkosh” moments. You could feel the energy as thousands of airplanes arrived early and stayed longer, pushing aircraft camping to capacity for most of the event. The aviators and enthusiasts who attended were engaged, eager, and passionate, demonstrating how Oshkosh is the best example of why general aviation is so vitally important to the country. I believe it’s the best AirVenture week that I’ve ever seen.”


 Attendance: Approximately 590,000, an increase of five percent over 2016.  Comment from Pelton:


“The combination of our features and attractions, along with great weather for six of the seven days, made for an excellent week. That kind of success also created challenges in parking, camping and traffic, but I’m proud of the determination and ingenuity of our 5,000 volunteers who rose to tackle those difficulties and create an event where unforgettable aviation experiences can happen.”


Total aircraft: More than 10,000 aircraft arrived at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh and other airports in east-central Wisconsin. At Wittman alone, there were 17,223 aircraft operations in the 10-day period from July 21-30, which is an average of approximately 123 takeoffs/landings per hour.


Total showplanes: 2,991 (up 5 percent over 2016): 1,107 homebuilt aircraft (second straight year over 1,100), 1,162 vintage airplanes (up 12 percent), 351 warbirds, 168 ultralights and light-sport aircraft, 79 seaplanes, 54 rotorcraft, 60 aerobatic aircraft, and 10 hot air balloons.


Camping: More than 11,600 sites in aircraft and drive-in camping accounted for an estimated 40,000 visitors throughout the week.


Commercial exhibitors: 881.


Forums and Workshops: A total of 1,050 sessions attended by more than 75,000 people.


Social Media, Internet and Mobile: More than 15.4 million people were reached by EAA’s social media channels during AirVenture (double the 2016 total); EAA AirVenture app had 1.7 million screen views; EAA video clips during the event were viewed 2.1 million times; and EAA’s 1,900 photo uploads were viewed more than 9.8 million times. Also, EAA web streams were accessed more than 500,000 times by viewers in 192 countries, who watched more than 110,000 hours of activities from the AirVenture grounds.


Guests registered at International Visitors Tent: A record 2,527 visitors registered from a record-tying 80 nations. (Additional unregistered international visitor counts push the total higher.) Top countries represented by registered visitors: Canada (583 visitors), Australia (346), and South Africa (204).


Media: 906 media representatives on-site, from six continents.


What’s ahead for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018 (July 23-29, 2018)?  Comment from Pelton:

“We’re already talking to people about the possibilities for 2018 in all areas, from aircraft anniversaries to new technology and innovations. We saw new programs, such as the Twilight Flight Fest following the afternoon air show, attract big crowds and show a bright future. We’ll be announcing these features and attractions as they are finalized. We’re also going to continue working hard on the visitor experience to maintain EAA’s high standards. We’re excited for the future and what’s ahead for next year!”